Life after College

As you guys may know, I recently graduated from Pennsylvania State University.  It’s so strange to think that just three years ago I was living summer before college, and here I am now, the summer after college.  The summer that is supposed to be my journey into adulthood and full time working, except… I still have more school?

Throughout my last semester of college I kept telling everyone it’s hard to think about life after graduation when you know you have more school.  Kind of like graduating from highs chool, just this time with a feeling of much more commitment. At least when I was going into college there was always this knowledge that there is time to turn back.  Kind of like a “sure, you’ve wanted this specific profession for most of your life, but maybe you’ll find something better”, which I didn’t. But college was never that exciting for me because I always knew I’d need to apply again, and go to school again, and still do that extra “extra” to get to the job I want.


So since graduation, I’ve been doing a lot.  Most of it has been things for myself. I’ve gone exploring with my friends, planned an amazing trip in a few months, and I’ve just been enjoying myself really.  I’ve spent so much time away from my dogs this semester that I don’t want to miss a second I can be with them honestly. I started working this week, and I’m excited for my summer because for one of the first times it actually feels like my summer is leading up to something exciting.  Like in September, yes I’m going to school again, but I’m also moving again, I’m making new friends, I’m experiencing a lot over the next few years. A lot of my friends who have graduated are working or looking for jobs, and I’m happy I still have that privilege to kind of know my summers are still something to look forward to even though I am working and all that jazz.


With all of that said, I am so excited to FINALLY be going to Veterinary School this upcoming fall.  When I say I’ve waited my whole life to get there, I mean I’ve waited my WHOLE LIFE to get there. I’ve known since I was four that I wanted to work with animals, and while the exact thing I wanted to do was still being shaped, and is still being shaped, I’m excited to finally be getting there.  Also, I didn’t interact with the other kids who wanted to be vets at Penn State (which can be explained in another post), so it’s exciting (and slightly intimidating) that I’m finally going to be friends with people who have more similar interests, in terms of work, as I do. They’d probably understand better when people tell me about human ailments and I explain to them the animal version of it instead too.


Anyways, that’s my post for today.  It’s a bit all over the place, I know, but my plans are also a little bit all over the place.  I hope you all enjoyed it, don’t forget to follow me on instagram and facebook to see my day to day!  See you all on Friday!