I’m Back!

Hey everyone, it’s Nicole and I think we can both agree, it’s been quite a while since you’ve seen me here.  In fact, it’s been FIFTY ONE DAYS. And that’s because fifty one days ago, I posted a subpar article on turtles and I realized that something was missing.  So I’ve spent the last fifty one days making sure that I no longer have articles that I am not proud of, and I’m excited to take everyone on this journey of a newer, more improved biganimalslittlevet with me.  So keep reading to see what I’ve been up to and what we have in store this summer for biganimalslittlevet.


First off, I GRADUATED!  Your girl is officially a Pennsylvania State graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences (I know, a mouthful).  After three years of struggling to fit 20+ credits into a semester, I have finally gotten to walk down the aisle and get one step closer to becoming a vet.  I will be attending Veterinary School in the fall, and I’ll definitely keep you all updated on that throughout my time there.


Next, I hope you all noticed but the website has a new look.  One of the main things that I’ve added are the separation of sections.  In the past, I used to have two posts a week, often skipping wildlife posts when I didn’t feel like there was anything interesting happening in the news, however now you guys will be getting three posts a week.   These posts will range between domestic animal, wildlife and lifestyle posts. With that said, I’m also going to be integrating more interactive posts and I’m really excited for you all to get to experience these things with me.



One of the most exciting things that I’m trying to do is get in touch with local shelters and try to work with them to make better posts for you guys.  As you all know, I am very big on adopting animals (and if you’re ever looking into adopting and need help PLEASE feel free to slide into my dms). While I do emphasize that my interest medically has always been wildlife, when it comes to domestic animals I’ve always been drawn to shelter medicine.  I also think there is a lot to learn from feral animals, or animals we deemed unadoptable. With that said, I am going to be working at one of the biggest animal shelters in NYC this summer and I can’t wait to maybe share that experience with you all.


I hope you guys are as excited as I am about what’s to come this summer.  There will be a new post up on Mondays (that is actually relevant to animals I promise).  But until then make sure to follow me on my social media for day to day updates and to see what I’m up to.


See everyone on Monday!