5 Tips On Leaving Your Best Friend For School

Leaving to go to college/university is great.  You get to make new friends, have new experiences, and for most of us, this is the first time for us to be truly independent.  However, the biggest downside of it all is having to leave your best friend behind. I mean, leaving your parents sucks (and trust me mom, I miss you every single day in school) but you can still talk to them.  With your pet, it’s like this fear that they think you just left them, and I never ever ever want either of my dogs or my cat to think that I, at any point, would ever leave them behind.

For most of us, Thanksgiving is the first time we get to see our little critters since we leave in August or September. So, the question is, how do you deal with having to leave your beloved animal behind at home while you go to school?  You can’t take them with you, but here are 5 tips on making it hurt just a little less knowing you’re away from them. (And be prepared, we got a lot of pet pics in this one)


Facetime your dog

You facetime or skype with your parents at least once a week (or if you’re me, every day), so have your pet join the conversation every once in awhile.  If your dog is anything like mine, he completely ignores the fact that your face is right in front of his, but I do see his eyes light up whenever he hears my voice and sometimes that’s comfort enough just to know that he doesn’t forget me.

Plus, look how cute he looks when I’m in my 8 am!



Have your parents send you pictures

The first thing they told me at my freshman orientation is “make sure your parents don’t send you pictures of your dog” but if I’m going to be honest, and please excuse my language, but that is such A DAMN LIE. I looooooooove seeing my cat and dog chilling on the bed together, I adore knowing that my puppy is thriving and having a good time, because I don’t want to think that they’re sad to be away from me.  So yes mom, keep sending me more pictures of Riley sleeping, send me pictures of kitty being absolutely fabulous, I live for them and it just reminds me how excited I am to get home. (Get ready for some cuteness overload!)

Buy them treats for when you get home!

Amazon prime is my best friend, and I say that because I am impatient when it comes to online shopping.  Bribing my pets into loving me is also my best friend.  The best part about combining the two is I get to come home, feel the excitement of my dogs seeing me for the first time in a month or two, but then I bring them back a toy to play with.  Having that toy when I get home to them just means that I have more one-on-one time with them, and sometimes I need that so much more than I do a good cuddle session.

Get them a school collar

Last time my family visited me at school I brought home a little Penn State vest for Riley.  It was absolutely adorable (if only it wasn’t big on him haha), but when I’m gone I get pictures of him wearing it.  Obviously he has no idea what’s going on, but it’s super cute to have a supporting pup too.

If you can, go home

Going home is a struggle, especially if you’re very far away from home, but I also think it’s so necessary.  Coming home for just a weekend to see my dog, or hang out with my family is like a regeneration that allows me to continue on for the next month.  If you’re able to go home for a weekend a month, do it.  It’s the best feeling to come home and play with your pet after a stressful few weeks of exams!


Basically, leaving your pet sucks, but there are ways to make it better.  Just remember, at the end of the day if you’re leaving it’s for yourself, and any way to improve yourself is good for your pet too!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and a huge thank you to everyone who let me use their pictures in here.  Everyone is absolutely adorable and you can follow their instagrams by just clicking the pictures!  See you all on Friday!