5 Pet Friendly Restaurants in NYC

If you’re anything like me, then you probably wish that you could take your dog everywhere with you.  And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE.  I mean, if I get to experience new things, why can’t he right?  While I wouldn’t be able to take either of my dogs to restaurants, because they would be begging everyone for food, it’s still nice to know that there are animal friendly options to eat in NYC.  So I composed a list of some of 4 favorite places that also let your pets hang out with you while you eat!


Barking Dog

1453 York Ave.

No matter where you look, this place is the number one dog friendly spot in NYC. They offer a dog friendly patio that even features a puppy drinking fountain.  This is an American Style restaurant, that offers reasonable pricing and great tasting food!  Great for lunch on a summer day.



41 1st Ave.

A cute bar in the East Village, dba is the only place on this list that offers dog seating both indoors and outdoors.  While this is a bar, not a restaurant, it offers a very good atmosphere for a night on the town WITH your pup.  Plus they have a great selection of beers!


Boat Basin Cafe

Riverside Park, West 79th St and Hudson River

If you have a dog who loves a good waterview, this is the place for you.  They offer only outdoor seating, so the entire restaurant is open to dogs, plus you get an overlook of the Hudson River.  They have food and drinks at reasonable prices, so it’s a great place for a good lunch or dinner!

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 9.29.46 AM.png

The Grey Dog’s Cafe

Chelsea, Union Square, West Village and Nolita

With multiple locations, this is a great place for coffee and offers outdoor dog seating!  So if you’re ever in the neighborhood for breakfast with your pup, make sure to stop by here for a cup of joe.  In addition to coffee, they also serve breakfast and lunch/dinner options.  So if you’re in the area and looking for something cute you can stop by here.  (They also offer their house-made granola for purchase, I definitely recommend.)


Bistro Chat Noir

Central Park, 22 E 6th St.

In the mood for some French food with your dog?  Come to Chat Noir, where they offer outdoor seating on leashed dogs.  The food is fantastic and they offer a great atmosphere to enjoy with your friends and your pet.  They are open seven days a week for brunch, lunch and dinner so enjoy a day in the city and end it here!

If anyone wants me to do these pet friendly restaurants for other cities send me a message and I’ll make sure to look into them and see what I can find!  Just know that most of these places offer outdoor only seating with dogs (as keeping your dogs inside can get stuffy and smelly fast) so if you do choose to go to these places make sure to bring things for your pup to stay hydrated and not overheated!